Commercial Pilot's Licence - Helicopter

CPL Licence gives you the opportunity to be employed as a helicopter pilot. At HTT its our job to train you to become a professional helicopter pilot. Our philosophy is that training should be done right the first time in a way most suited to your style of learning.


Becoming a Commercial Helicopter Pilot


To launch your career and enter the profession as a vocation, you must first obtain the helicopter commercial pilot's licence, you must pass comprehensive theory exams and a flight test, which is completed after a minimum of 105 hours. Also, all along your training (should it be full time or part-time) your competency will be assessed as to achieve the standards set in the CASA Day VFR syllabus. This syllabus provides training and skills required for the issue of an Australian Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter). The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) allows you to act as pilot in command of some commercial operations.Flying is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers there is. A career as a professional helicopter pilot can offer a great sense of fulfilment. However the helicopter industry just like the general aviation is very competitive. Once you get your commercial pilot's licence, you might begin your career as junior instructor or charter pilots flying single-engine aircraft in regional areas. As you gain more experience and qualifications, you then have the chance to fly larger, more advanced aircraft. So, you will have to build up your hours before you can tackle specialised flying operations. Which is why prospective commercial pilots should not expect to walk straight into a lucrative position and should be prepared to committing to a long-term rewarding flying career with the determination in order to overcome the initial obstacle of getting started as a low-hour pilot.

The skills demanded of a professional pilot include not only the ability to physically control the aircraft but also to make correct decisions in complex situations where time is a critical factor. In addition, pilots must take ultimate responsibility for the safety of all those who fly with them.

Though the amount of training required can appear daunting at first, remember that your goal is achievable, provided you have the dedication necessary to pursue your love of flying. At HTT we take care of our staff and students. We will make a package that is suited for you and your lifestyle - helping you achieve your flying goals is what we are here for.




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